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Dr Ronnie Gladden Diversity Youth Speaker Headshot.jpg

K-12 (Primarily Middle & High Schools)

You're either a student, staff, faculty, administrator, or interested community stakeholder with questions about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) topics. And you seek to attract a dynamic voice that can complement and enrich your classroom or assembly event without getting lost in spin and divisive politics. Excellent. I am here to help.

Let's have real education without indoctrination.

Additionally, through my speaking services, the opportunity to nurture new perspectives can emerge via cutting edge research and my storytelling and unique experiences informed by my own complex and improbable identity journey. In essence, instead of competing with your school, my message and services will complement your learning community.

With an initial consultation, we can collaborate to reach an agreement that will best serve your educational environment. I look forward to delivering meaningful speeches (along with an option of additional services including coaching, consulting, and training services) grounded in true science and truth telling.

Furthermore, my tailor-made messages are the answer for your guest speaking needs during school assemblies, special events, and more.

Essentially, through our collaboration, I seek to:

  • Support Teachers' Lesson Plans

  • Align with the Administrations Institutional Mission

  • Enrich Students and your campus through a Captivating and Substantive Presentation

Contact me and let's advance toward smoother sails in the quest to foster greater cultural competency, proficiency, and of course -- belonging and inclusion -- within your school.

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