Work With Dr. Ronnie 

Regardless of your role in our civilization, there are core principles that drive humanity forward. LGBTQ+ diversity leadership, identity management, and inclusion education encourage communities of various voices to safely gather together, enriching everyone around them. This is where I come in. 


For years, my work as a professor, and diversity leadership speaker has helped companies, communities, and other gatherings of humans to grow and learn from each other. I have worked in schools (both k-12 and higher education,) non-profits, corporations, and more.


I found within them all a core concern: a desire for authentic leadership and an inclusive understanding of the world around them.


Contact me to dive deeper into the race, gender, intersectionality, divergent identities, and LGBTQ+ topics ever-growing in prevalence without indoctrination. After an initial consultation, we’ll come together in collaboration to determine the course of action best needed for you.


My message has found itself featured in Yahoo!, POPSUGAR, the Tribeca International Film Festival, and on Netflix. I want to bring that same message to you!


Fill out the form below to start a conversation based on science and truth along with compassion and understanding. I have personal and professional insight pertaining to these concerns. And I believe I am uniquely qualified to discuss these important topics with others.


As society continues to grow, it is on each of us to grow along with it in our knowledge and understanding. Reach out and let's navigate the waters of change together and sail forward into a brighter, more harmonious future.